EpiData Command Line Tool (Template Usage)

The EpiData Command Line Tool, in short “epidatacmd”, is the tool to use when transforming template files into EpiData Project files (.epx files).

For Windows® users the command is best envoked using the “Command Prompt” or through a batch script (.bat files) using “epidatacmd template” On Linux either place the program in a directory within your PATH environment or envoke from a terminal using “./epidatacmd template”

It is important to notice that the parameter “template” is added, this is because the Command Line Tool in the future may support many other operations, hence it is necessary to specify what type of operation you wish to perform.


The general use of the Command Line Tool is as follows

epidatacmd template -i <input-file> -o <output-file>

Where <input-file> is the user-defined template and <output-file> is a filename (with .epx extension) that the parsed template should be saved as.


epidatacmd template -i cold_food_template.txt -o cold_food.epx

This parses the template named “cold_food_template.txt” and produces a EpiData Project file with the name “cold_food.epx”'

To print the complete list of options and usage of the program, specify the “-h” switch on the command line. This will print the help on how to use the tool:

epidatacmd template -h

Additional Options

It is possible to specify a number of options on the command line. These options controls various parts of the parsing and generation of the project file.

All options in the table below MUST be prefix with two dashes, ie. “–” else the program will fail. For instance to specify a new “fieldleft” type:

epidatacmd template ... --fieldleft=250
Option Name Options Value Explanation Default
sectionleft Integer Left position (in pixels) of a section 5
fieldleft Integer Left position (in pixels) of a field 300
headingleft Integer Left position (in pixels) of a heading 10
fieldfielddist Integer Vertical distance (in pixels) between fields 10
fieldheadingdist Integer Vertical distance (in pixels) between field and heading 25
headingheadingdist Integer Vertical distance (in pixels) between headings 5
hidefieldnames (none) Hide all field name on dataform
backuponclose (none) Activates backup feature when closing Manager/EntryClient
showvaluelabels (none) Shows a label besides ALL fields with an associated valuelabel set
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